About Us

Bee- Thin- Lay means to " Be Great In Your Way".  Simple words, yet warm, sincere, and close to the heart. The heart of any Man and Woman, because we all are striving with genuine efforts to be all that we can be.
Our Mission is simple, it's to inspire you to " Be Great In Your Own Way ". We Start With You In Mind. Everything we create, begins with you.
We sit and ponder over how we may be of service to you , how we can make you look good, perform best, and look amazing. 
 But beyond serving you, our secondary mission is to serve those in need. We set apart a percentage of everything we make to invest in a better future by feeding the hungry, provide scholarships to students in need, and working on plans to create an organization that will equip the youth with hands-on skills for success. 
Our Founder 
Hello, my name is Rock B. Desjardins, Haitian-born, Emergency Department Nurse, Inspiring Author, and Life Enthusiast. I desire to live my life by serving others in any way that I can. I am constantly learning and figuring out ways that I can make a difference in the lives of those around me and the world.  I aspire to one day be in a position where I can help the youth and those in need around the world. I find the greatest pleasure in being useful to others. This is why I have created Beethinlay, to inspire others to bring forth their innate greatness.
You contribute to our greater purpose each time you shop with us. Thank you for shopping with us.