Drink More Water!

Drink More Water!

The number 1 health tip to improve your health is to DRINK MORE WATER!

 It's a cliché really, but the best and most simple thing anyone can do to improve their health is to simply drink more water.

 3 basic reasons to drink more water. 

  1. Your body is mainly water ( 60% ) 
  2. All your organs and cells need water to properly function. 
  3. Your body uses water to break down food, to stay cool, to carry waste, and in virtually all bodily functions. 

How much water should I drink daily?

2.5 to 3.5 Litters Daily. That's about 8 to 15 cups daily. 

 I try to drink a cup of water for each hour that I am awake. 


Your body is the ONLY vehicle you have to navigate this life, so take great care of it!

- Rock B. Desjardins, RN

Emergency Department NURSE


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